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Development History

1. Xinhua Hongda Metal Hardware Plant Founded in Chenwan Village June 1992

2. In 1994

  I. In April;, Company move to Dainan Petrochemical Fitting Company from Chenwan Village

  II. In July, Wangfuhua, Chief of National Chemical EngineeringCenter visited Hongda and gave highly praise of drawer style wire demister.

3. In May, 1995, company move to Yongfeng Industry Zone from Chemical Equipment Plant.

4. In December, Our patent product Side-door Gas Heating Oven put on market and got identical favorable comment from Zongjin Gold Corporation. Company increased its reputation in sulfuric acid industry and joined in China P-S Association as a member.

5. Province level company Jiangsu New Hongda Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd was founded through equity reform in July 1997, managing under modern enterprise system.

6. In 1998

  I. Chen Aimin set up New Hongda Economics & Trade Co., Ltd in Yunnan to develop the market of southwest region.

  II. Science and Technology Development Corporationwas set up in Nanjing inviting some retired expert do develop new technology and processes from NanjingChemical Design Institute. Development of Rapid Extraction of Phosphoric Acid could double output of phosphate fertilizer companieswithout investment on new equipment. Media such as “Chinese Chemical Newspaper" madeoverall report andthe technology was given the 3rd Class Medal of Shandong Progress Award of Science and Technology. Hongda’s great contribution established brand reputation.

  III. InJuly, companyparticipated drafting of "Drawer Type Wire Demister Standard”.

  IV. In Oct., company invested 3,200,000 Yuan to purchase Xingchi crank factory which was branch of town sprocket crank factory. After purchasing, company started extension project.

7. In 1999

  I. In August 1999, company moved from YongfengVillage industry district to new plant in town north. .

  II. Joint Venture Jiangsu Lehehe Fertilizer Limited Corporation" was established with Jiangsu Donghai Serpentine Mine andChen Aizhong acted as general manager.

8. In 2000

  In 2000, the first rotary table vacuum filter of China ran successful in Jiangsu LeheheFertilizer Limited Corporation, whichmarked that dependency on import had been history for Chinese phosphate fertilizer industry.

9. In 2002

  I. In 2002, two 160m2 rotary table vacuum filters were used for production, which were the biggest rotary table vacuum filter in China. It contributes a lot to nationalization of large scale equipment and imported equipment.

  II. Company started cooperation with Begg Cousland Co., Ltd, promoting fiber candle filter application in large sulfuric acid system.

10. In 2003

  I. In September 2003, on the nation phosphate fertilizer industrial meeting, director Lin Lesummarized Chinese development of phosphate fertilizer, especially pointing out:JiangsuNew HongdaCompany’s Rapid Extraction of Phosphoric Acid Technology,Rotary Table Vacuum FilterandLarge-scale agitator contributed lots for Chinese agricultural development by solving bottleneck problem of development of phosphate fertilizer.

  II. New Hongda Co-developed SX Tube-Trough Acid Distributor with Sandvik Corporation.

11. In 2004

  I. Chen Aimin became chairman of the board

  II. In Feb 2006, agitator with high ratio of height to diameter was commissioned successfully in Huludao Zinc Plant, replacing Lightnin product. It was given 3rd Award for Science and Technology Advancement

  III. Disc Filter was developed and successfully applied in alumina industry.

  IV. Jiangsu Hongcheng Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd was founded.

  V. Yunnan EverGreen Tree chemistryCo., Ltdwas founded and Chen Aizhong served as chairman of the board.

12. In 2005

  I. In June, Jiangsu Hongda • TDR Agitator Joint Venture Company was set jointly with British TDR company.

  II. New plant building project was finished in half at the end of year.

  III. Starting R&D of automatic vertical press filter

  IV. Jiangsu Hongrun Press Filter Co., Ltd was founded.

  V. Company was authorized "National Special Alloy Material and Product base key enterprise of Torch Program ".

13. In 2006

  I. Group company was set up

  II. New plant was put into use in March

  III. New office building was finished in Dec.

  IV. Tax payment ranked 1st 5 years in Xinghua Private Enterprises

  V. 1,140,600 Yuan Reward was given by Xinghua Government.

  VI. Listed on Jiangsu Enterprise StrengtheningConstruction of Finance Source Planning.

14. In 2007

      I. Group company moved in new office building.

  II. Automatic press filter was finished successfully.

15. In 2008
      I.High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Separating Machinery research Center, Jiangsu Famous Trademark.
      II.Luo Zhijun, Zhang Lei came to visit our company
      III.China Patent Award of Excellence
      I.Jiangsu Patent Award
      II. high-integrity enterprise
17.In 2011
      I.Certificate of Excellent New Product
      II.Jiangsu Excellent Invention Patent Award
      III.The Certificate of SA&PA Equipment Supply Network
      IV.National Torch Plan Certificate
      V.Credit Certificate
18.In 2012
      I.Installation, Alternation License of Pressure Pipeline
      II.Manufacturing License of Pressure Vessel
19.In 2014
      I.being the fortieth in top 100 enterprises.
20.In 2015
      I.Luo Zhijun, Lan Shaomin came to visit our company
21.In 2017
      I.New Hongda Group has been the 25th anniversary.