Automatic Thickener


    Thickener is gravitysedimentation equipment to separate liquid-solid mixture of homogeneous phase. It is extensively used in industries, such as thickener applied in mineral processing plant, separating fine mineral from water, thickener applied in chloride-alkali plant to separate salt mud, thickener applied in waste water processing plant, and wet process phosphorus acid etc. The thickener collects slurry to center by scraper and then discharges from the outlet. The common failure in operation is that motor is overloaded and tripped and sometimes the arms will be twisted because sediment mud cannot be discharged in time, which accumulates on the bottom and increase the difficulty for thickener operation.

    Overload alarm and motor trip are applied to guarantee security in production. Once alarm sounds or motor stops, normal production cannot be resumed until scraper is lifted. If there is no effective measure to decrease thickness of sediment mud, the mud will increase so high that it is forced to stop to clear tank.

    The torque indicator designed by NHD can solve problem referred above. It can detect torque changers in operation at real time and adjust process data to balance sediment mud and discharging slurry, which can control torque in set range and guarantee stable production.  Meanwhile, it can alarm and stop to protect mechanical parts when torque increase by improper operating or accident.