Non-wet Fiber Candle Filter
BECOFIL Non-wet Fiber Candle Filter

Imported Fiber Element  

World-leading Mist Eliminating  

BEST Combination of Chinese-foreign Technique


The headoffice of Begg Cousland Company sites in Glasgow, Scotland with history more than 150 years. Begg Cousland is specialized in the design &manufacture of Mist Eliminators, a broad range of wire & fibre from products used for industrial air pollution control and in-process filtration. Begg Cousland is the only licensed Non-wet Candle Fibre Filter Mist Eliminator by ICI and 99% Non-wet Candle Fibre Filter Mist Eliminator of Lurgi company were supplied from them.

So far, Begg Cousland has hundreds of application around the world and the "Becofil" Non-wet Candle Fibre Filter Mist Eliminator has been gradually improved and developed. The fiber, used in filter, can be small as 7 micrometers and fiber can be arranged directional by special process so that the micro-sized mist can be removed to meet the industrial emission requirement. Begg Cousland can design according to kinds of requirement such as filter capacity, pressure loss and efficiency etc.

As an industrial leader, NHD has almost 70% share for sulfuric acid demister in China. In 2005, NHD started cooperation with Begg Cousland, assembling BECOFIL Non-wet Candle Fibre Filter Mist Eliminator. Since the core part is still imported from Begg Cousland, so NHD keeps the quality as same as original imported filter. Becofil Non-wet Candle Fibre Filter Mist Eliminator is a kind of high efficiency and low pressure loss equipment, it can be widely used in seawater vapouriser, compressed air system, gas emission system, distillation tower, knock-out drum, scrubbing tower, packing tower etc.