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        NHD founded twenty-six years, in the national comprehensive deepening reform under the background of the new macro adult arduous creates a big industry, from scratch, from small to large, has become the world leading enterprises of chemical machinery industry.

Reviewing the development of NHD, with two words can be summarized: "progress from the innovative, small can be great". The grand development thought every step cannot do without "innovation". Since NHD into the fertilizer industry, with "fast extraction" turntable phosphate technology, filter, variable cross-section angle of stirring paddle, phosphate rock deep cone thickener technology and equipment, promote Chinese high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer industry output doubled, China has become the world's largest fertilizer producer, produced by our company is 320 square meters of rotary filter it is created in the world, become the world's largest single rotary filter.

2004 NHD into the alumina industry, manufacturing NHD alumina plate filter, deep cone thickener, disc filter, filter and various impellers have to break the monopoly of foreign companies, and quickly occupied the market. Impeller successfully put into use through innovative research and development of 180 square meters of alumina plate filter, 26m deep cone thickener and 14X36m decomposition groove, the alumina single series production capacity increased from 400 thousand tons to 1 million 200 thousand tons / year, full capacity beyond any enterprise in Europe, America and Australia, the China alumina industry to become the world's first.

After the development of the world's first set of wet method of lead project of new materials and new equipment and NHD cooperation with Yunnan xiangyun company, greatly improve the lead recovery rate, reduces the cost of lead. NHD cooperates with Chongqing Unisplendour group, successfully developed a new equipment of methionine, fully replace imported products. The potash industry NHD entered relatively late, but soon in potassium chloride, hot melt crystallization and filtration the technology surpass foreign competitors, to win the market position, been recognized by the industry. In 2017, a set of food potassium devices was carried out, and it was successful at one time.

Due to the guidance of innovation thought, the seeds of innovation are everywhere, and the products of new macro production have made remarkable achievements in the field of new energy batteries, nuclear power and rare earth non-ferrous metals.

Achievements have become the past, due to the correct leadership of the party and the government, the result of close cooperation between experts and friends from all walks of life, and the result of trust and support from our customers. Is NHD group staff solidarity fruit, I thank you for this!